Load error : file 'bin/cobchecker64'

Sorry to bother woth this one again Chris. You wrote we should deinstall VisualCobol and VisualCobol_server and then reinstall VisualCobol. We havent got the setup file for VisualCobol any more. Would the VisualCobol for eclipse solve the problem too?

  • We would like to make sure that you install the correct product for your requirements.

    The Visual COBOL Eclipse product for Linux would give you the full development package allowing you to compile and test your applications within or outside of the Eclipse IDE.

    The Visual COBOL Dev Hub product can be installed on Unix/Linux platforms for which there is no Visual COBOL Eclipse available and allow you to develop either from the command line directly on that system or from within Visual COBOL Eclipse which is installed on a different computer and is connected to the Dev Hub product.

    The COBOL Server product contains all files necessary to deploy your application but does not include development tools.

    What is it that you wish to do, develop using Eclipse, develop from command line or deploy your applications?

    We will give you links to the appropriate download once you tell us which product it is that will fill your requirements?

    Do you currently have a trial version of these products?


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    yes we have a trial version of VisualCobol_server with a valid license for 30 days from Sept 12 and we also have VisualCobol for Eclipse for which the license ran out on Sept 12. I've now deinstalled the VisualCobol_server and reinstalled the VisualCobol for Eclipse and the problem with the cobchecker64 library has gone. Now all we need is a license for VisualCobol for Eclipse. Can you help there too or is there somebody else I should contact?

  • ok, I found the place on the website and have now got a new license.

    Thanks for you help Chris