I have a system on Net Express 3.1.11 that I am migrating to VC 2.1.  I understand that the licenses are different between the two products.  Can both licenses co-exist on the same server so that I can continue to run the old system while testing the new VC system?

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    Yes, the licensing between Net Express and Visual COBOL can coexist without a problem.

    Visual COBOL uses Safenet licensing which is different from the licensing used by Net Express.

    You do need to be careful though that you are not directly setting system environment variables like COBDIR, COBCPY, PATH, etc. to point to one of these systems as both Visual COBOL and Net Express share common filenames like cobol.exe, cblrtsm.dll, etc. and a problem could occur if they were to pick up the wrong product versdion of these files.

    You should let each system find the appropriate files using their own registry settings instead of setting environment variables directly in your system configuration.