Managed DLL, two classes with EXEC SQL, only 1 bnd - possible?


I have a question regarding Managed Cobol DLLs with more than 1 classes and EXEC SQL Statements.

At the moment, if I have a project, with 2 Classes, TestA and TestB, and both have EXEC SQL statements in them, I would get 2 bnd files, each named after the class (TestA.bnd and TestB.bnd). Is it somehow possible to create a merged bnd file for these 2 classes by setting some db2 precompiler settings?

Up to now I was not able to achieve that. I don't even know if that is possible at all, as I haven't found anything in the documenation about such topics.

Thanks for you help, best regards Thomas

  • Your question states that you are creating managed COBOL .dlls yet you are using the DB2 ECM to precompile your embedded statements.

    Currently there is no managed code version of the DB2 ECM so I am assuming that you are actually creating native Windows .dlls instead of managed .dlls, is that correct?

    Using the DB2 directive with the BIND option will always create one bind file per source program that is precompiled. That is because the precompiler works at the source code level and knows nothing about which programs are packaged into a particular .dll or executable.

    I don't believe that there is a workaround for this but perhaps someone with more DB2 experience could chime in here with a definitive answer?