missing authorization code for free verson of v/cobol personal edition

I downloaded the free version of personal visual cobol from CNET.  When I attempt to open an example project (or any other) the Visual Studio tells me I need an authorization code.  This was a download directly from CNET.

I didn't get an authorization code on a package and I didn't get one in an email as I didn't have to
 provide an email address to CNET.

I called support and they told me to come here.  When I try to use online support I need an authorization code to get to them.
 This is a conundrum of a sort.

Can anybody tell me how to  obtain an authorization code?  Also, is this a temporary authorization or is it permanent for the personal edition?

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  • Hello Sir

    I need PE visual cobol for Visual studio 2012 or 2013 or even 2010, yes I know those are very old VS but that what is available to my learning course

    I downloaded the Famous C/NET version and it asks for auth code which is obviouse from above posts that it is not available

    what should I do?


  • The version of the Visual COBOL PE product available for download on the CNET site is V2.1 which is also extremely old and is no longer supported by Micro Focus.

    I would suggest that you download the latest version from the Micro Focus web site here:

    This is Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2019 PE V5.0.

    You can download a free version of Visual Studio Community Edition 2019 here:

    Install Visual Studio 2019 Community first and then install the Visual COBOL PE version into it.

    You will then be running with products that are supported by both Microsoft and Micro Focus and they should work fine with any course materials you have, although some of the screens may look different.

    If you really need an authorization code for the earlier 2.1 release then send an email to me at chris.glazier@microfocus.com and I will provide you with one. However, if you have a problem running this earlier unsupported product release, you are on your own...

  • is there an available to download version that installs and integrate with VS2012?

  • Sorry, but the current version of Visual COBOL only supports Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019. Older versions are no longer supported.

    The free version, Visual COBOL PE is only available for use with Visual Studio 2019. You can download and use Visual Studio 2019 Community version from Microsoft at no charge if the intention is to use it as a learning tool.