Visual Cobol R4 Development Hub - Project path

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 26 August 2011]


I've found a similar problem in the thread Visual COBOL R3 Development Hub - Project Path, and I think I am doing all certainly in the right way.

I can access to the Unix server without problems using the Remote System perspective, but I am not able to create a remote project.

Remote machine's name is "aixlab0102". If I use \\aixlab0102\MNG\DESA\FUENTES\EQBASE\visual_cobol (local path) and /MNG/DESA/FUENTES/EQBASE/visual_cobol (remote path), with a project named "visual_cobol" or any other thing, the Remote Project template says "The remote location does not match the directory on the local path". I tried to use a unit mapped to \\aixlab0102, but with the same result.

Any help, please?

NOTE: We are using NFS, not Samba. Our provider told us that it works the same way.