No results has happened when I use test coverage


I'm using visual cobol for eclipse.

Following the help book, I have set environment variable(both in win7 and eclipse) TESTCOVER=C:\default.tcf





and have writen [$SET TESTCOVER] in my program's first line from 7th character

and then compile,run.

and no where I can found .tcz file

please point me the mistake or what i missed



When I use run command to launch my program,I was succeed to got a .tcz file.

but why it does not work in eclipse?

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    FYI, Test Coverage is only supported for native code projects.

    I believe the problem that you are seeing is because you are trying to write the results file directly into the root directory.

    I would suggest that you create a subfolder like C:\testcover into which you place your default.tcf file and modify the RESULT option to:

    RESULT C:\testcover\tcresult.tcz ACCUMULATE

    I tested this here with a native project running under Visual COBOL for Eclipse and it worked perfectly.


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    Hello Chris

    Thank you for reply.

    Today I tried many different folders.At the end I found problem.

    There is three area I can add TESTCOVER environment variables

    1.system environment variable

    2.Project->Properties->Micro Focus COBOL->Run-time Configuration->Environment Variables

    3.Run->Run Configurations->Environment

    I add TESTCOVER in 1 and 2

    1 makes it running under command line

    When I move the configuration from 2 to 3,it worked under Visual COBOL for Eclipse

    but I still don't know what's the effect when I add Environment Variable in project properties

    Anyway I worked under Visual COBOL for Eclipse at the end