create .RS from .GS

Where would I find documentation on how to create a .RS file from a .GS file for Dialog System Screensets.  I was using DSWIN and a .RSS file to build the .RS files.  DSWIN will not run because my NetExpress liscense has expired.  (I'm getting a 109 error).  I notice that VC 2.2 can now use Dialog with out having a NetExpress License, but I need to be able to create the .RS for deploying the product.  Is there some way in Visual Cobol to output a .RS file?

  • Verified Answer

    Visual COBOL 2.2 includes DSWIN.EXE in its bin folder if you install the compatibility addpack.

    This will work in the same manner as the dswin with Net Express and you can start it from the command line using the same switches like /rs, etc.

    You can also use the save as option in the Dialog System editor to individually save screensets in .rs run-time format.