Visual COBOL, HPUX, Oracle Forms, etc., etc. etc.

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Our application is hosted on HPUX, with an Oracle Database, COBOL and Oracle Forms

We are looking at migrating from Oracle Forms to Forms2Net (which will require IIS changes in the web-server from our current one of Apache) - and that is a separate issue. My question, and I am a .NET developer not a COBOL developer, is the following:

If we wanted to migrate the UNIX hosted COBOL to Visual COBOL, would that have to be the JVM version of Visual COBOL or could we do the migration to the .NET version which would enable us to leverage other .NET development we are performing?

Basically our architecture would change to HPUX as DB server, Windows 2008 IIS as web-server, and place the Visual COBOL .NET component into an application server (probably the same box as the windows IIS server initially)?
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    You don't mention what COBOL compiler you are currently using on HP/UX so I will assume that it is Micro Focus Server Express.

    You can certainly bring your COBOL programs from Unix to Visual COBOL and compile them under any of our supported platforms including Visual COBOL for Visual Studio managed code (.NET). We do have customers that have done this very same thing with excellent success.

    You may run into some compatibility issues depending on how closely tied the application is to the Unix OS. If your application executes Unix system calls, etc you would have to convert them to the appropriate Windows or .NET function.

    The other issue would be the Oracle product that you are using on Server Express. If you are using Pro*COBOL to precompile your EXEC SQL calls be aware that this product is not available for managed code development in .NET. For managed code development you would use our OpenESQL preprocessor and the Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET).

    Although these two products are similar there may be some incompatibilities in the EXEC SQL statements that are supported.

    All platform migration projects depend completely on the makeup of your application, number of programs, complexity, 3rd party products used, etc so it is impossible to tell you what exactly will be the issues that you face.

    You should probably contact the Micro Focus Sales department who can then set you up with an evaluation copy of Visual COBOL if you would like to look into doig a Proof of Concept.