activating personal edition

I could not download vs cobol pe from mf site went to cnet I did register, however, trying to down load from mf site.In the email I got there was no activation code. How can I activate. Also,  Visual studio says it cant locate license. What should I do?  Opasman

  • I just tested the download of Visual COBOL PE from the Micro Focus site and I did not have a problem.
    I used the following link

    What was the problem that you had in downloading this from Micro Focus?

    The Visual COBOL PE 2.2 release does not require an activation key.

    If you download and install the product and then start Visual Studio it will present you with a window in which you can activate the product.
    If you select to activate the free version it will automatically download and install a PE license for you.

    The version from C/NET may be an older release that is not supported anymore.

    Please see the video here for a demonstration on downloading and licensing the product.


  • Chris, I am running under  VMware from my mac does this make a difference? John

  • It shouldn't make a difference as long as you have an internet connection available from the vmware machine.

    What version of Windows is running on the VM?

    The file that you should be downloading and installing is either

    vcvs2010_22.exe   for use with Visual Studio 2010

    vcvs2012_22.exe   for use with Visual Studio 2012

    What is the name of the file that you downloaded and installed?