VC for VS Error

Dear Sir,

I am Getting the Error enclosed when I Build an Application in Visual Cobol fot Visual Studio.

When I Debuggins with animation I see  That all is fine  but not Find de File "C:\FILE1C.DAT"that I defined in App.config following the Tutorial  Instructions.(Error 7 COBCH0829 : Could not find method 'text' with this signature C:\Users\Pedro\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\VCDemo\CobolWinForm\Form1.cbl 27 48 CobolWinForm)

The Informatives erros in the following Syntaxi  :

move NEUTRALNAME    to    TextboxFname::text

SURNAME        to    TextBoxSname::text

Many Thanks in Advanced




  • Verified Answer

    Hi Pedro,

    The method name should be capitalized as Text instead of text.

    move NEUTRALNAME  to TextboxFname::Text

    move SURNAME  to  TextBoxSname::Text

    It also looks like there is a problem with the app.config file.

    Did you modify the app.config xml directly?

    I would recommend if you wish to add environment variables to app.config that you right-click on the app.config in solution explorer and select Edit. This will display a small dialog allowing you to add environment variables and their values and the underlying xml will be updated automatically.

    To which tutorial are you referring?