Eclipse running "old" versions of the program


I'm new to Cobol, but I'm experienced with Eclipse and programming at all.

I'm using Visual COBOL 2.2 for Eclipse. Eclipse Standard 4.3.2, Windows 8.1. Default parameters for all programs.

I'm learning simple programs, like "Hello World". All programs are text-based, nothing graphical.

But I have one very common and strange situation. I change a few lines but Eclipse still runs old version of my program!

Hypothetical Example:

       procedure division.
           Display "Please, enter the Price"
           Accept Price
           Compute Price = Price * 1.2.
           Move Price to Price-ed.
           Display Price-ed.


I have included the most important part of the program, the divisions and sections are correct defined.

We see that Price is multiplied by 1.2. I change to other value, let's say 1.5, save the program, build, But when the program runs, it still computes 1.2

I change to 2.7 save the program, build, launch the program and it still computes 1.2. I need to close Eclipse, re-open, and then the correct value is executed.

I have a guess... Eclipse, or Visual COBOL, is running old, cached versions, of the program, not the new one.

Any help?

Thanks in advance.


Eclipse Standard 4.3.2 Eclipse Standard 4.3.2

  • I am having the same problem with Visual Cobol Personal Edition 4.0. I have a project with several .cbl programs. Eclipse only runs the first program I tested regardless of which cobol program I request. I have looked in Preferences/ run/install and I am not asking for the last program to be executed. Please assist. I am completely stopped in my testing.
  • This does not appear to be the same problem as the original post which was for a very old product version and seemed to indicate that it wasn't picking up the changes made to a program after rebuilding and running again.

    If I understand correctly, you have multiple programs in your project and you are trying to run these individually but it always runs the first program, is that correct?

    What type of project is this? It it a JVM COBOL project or a native project?

    If it is a native project what is the project build type? Right-click on the project, select Properties and then open Micro Focus->Build Configurations-->COBOL and look at Target type setting.

    This should be either "All executable files" or "All int/gnt files" in order to produce separate executables for each of the source files. If it is not this then all your programs will be linked into a single executable file and you can only run it by its main entry point.

    If there are multiple executables then you should be able to right-click on the desired executable and select Run As COBOL Application or right-click on the project name and select Run Configurations and then browse to the desired executable in order to run it.

    Can you please tell me what the project target type is and what exact steps that you are taking to try to run or debug your program?