Immediate windows

Can this be used for cobol commands?  Example moving spaces to field.  Is so, can you please provide the syntax.  Here is what I have tried


move spaces to w-policy-num

and here is the error that I get.....Error: Invalid expression (at 'spaces to w-policy-num')


  • No, sorry but we have not yet implemented this type of functionality in the Visual Studio Immediate Window.

    The current support is very limited in scope as there is no way to actually perform an assignment of a data item to a value using commands.

    If you specify a command like:

    >Debug.EvaluateStatement x="123"

    It will return with the following


    That is because the "=" is currently viewed as an equivalence operator and not an assignment operator in COBOL.

    The easiest way to change the value of a data item while debugging is to simply hover the mouse over the item and then change its value.


  • Verified Answer

    This works if I wanted to change a value, but what if I wanted to issue a write/rewrite command?  There is no way of doing "on the fly" coding?

  • No, the ability to enter and run COBOL statements directly from within the Visual Studio immediate or command windows is not something that is supported.

    Although we did have this type of support for .int code run within Net Express using the Do command this has not been implemented in Visual COBOL.