Cannot Validate Free License

Hi there,

I am a student and I'm trying to activate the Visual COBOL PE for Eclipse (Windows) software and i cannot seem to activate it.

I have registered my email and received the download link. I installed the software with no problems. When i open the software i get the "activate product" dialog box. I have selected the free license and tried the automatic activation. This works and i get a "Success" message. after i close the message i get an error stating: "The license was applied, however is does not seem to be correct for the installed product." after this i cannot get to the COBOL perspective in eclipse.

I then tried the manual email activation. I sent the email and received the activation email in return. i copied and pasted this into the correct box and clicked activate. Again, I get the success dialog box then the same error. i have reinstalled the software about four times now.

I have called the customer care line and they walked me through some solutions. First i cleared two files ( and lscrvrc.stn) and re-saved them empty. I was then sent a large string to paste into the key box on the "install" tab of the license administration window. This had the same result. we then revoked the licenses using the "license administration" software. They then gave me 2 brand new activation keys to use.Both had the exact same result.

The version i downloaded came directly from the email link sent to me by micro focus. the name of the file is vce_23.exe

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated as my first lab assignment is to install this software.

Thanks in advance! Cheers.