ACCEPT Screen Level Data.


We used to capture the data from Screen Area using ACCEPT clause. The variable we defined inside Screen Area like

01 GMD3010A-DATA

     05 LINE 04 COL 62 PIC X     USING GMD-PEP.

And using ACCEPT GMD3010A-DATA we used to capture the data for GMD-REP. So whenever we are capturing any data from HELP screen we have to pass this to GMD-PEP.  So is there any alternate way to populate the GMD-REP value without MOVE statement. Please advice.

  • Can you please clarify your question here?

    What is GMD-REP, a different field in working-storage?

    The ACCEPT screen section item with USING causes the data-item in the USING to be automatically updated with the data entered in that field on the screen.

    If you wish for this data to be moved elsewhere you will have to code a move statement or something similar.

  • Hi Chris,

    My requirement is that initially I have moved some values to field GMD-REP. GMD-REP is Screen Level DATA as I mentioned. Now a separate help screen will be pop up by pressing F12 key and values can be selected from that Screen. Is it possible to update GMD-REP through cursor co-ordinate w/o moving any direct value to this field.