How to refresh MF dialog obj from a program?

Hi there,

Is there an MF dialog GUI method to refresh an object only i.e. not set focus on it?

For example to enable an object i just do this. Is there a refresh equivalent method?

CALL 'GUI-enable' using my-dialog-object-handle. 

GUI.cbl ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

$set mfoo
AbstractWindow is class "awindow".

working-storage section.
01 obj object reference value null.

linkage section.
01 hand pic x(4) comp-5.

procedure division.

entry 'GUI-enable' using hand.
    *> enable object from handle...
     invoke abstractWindow "fromHandle" using hand returning obj.
     invoke obj "enable".
     invoke obj "destroyproxy" returning obj.

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  • Hi Neil,

    I have worked for Micro Focus as a team leader for training and Consulting .
    So I know about the depths and heights of Cobol and compilers.
    I have founded my own company and offer examples and documents from the practice, no matter where you want to go. Whether C # / VB / WinForms / WFP / WebForms / Azur / ...
    The examples I build according to customer requests / wishes as these are needed in practice and not all "TicTac" ...
    Yes, the companies react mostly with horror when you hear cobol although these do not at all know what everything with cobol is running!
    Without cobol the world would have a very big problem!
    This would have to be carried into the world by MicroFocus ...
    For example, COBOL / VB a Cobol program from the 80s still runs exactly like it did then ... with VB, a reengeniering had to take place in the meantime ...
  • Hi Neil,
    Thanks very much for your detailed reply. I really appreciate your input. I'm freelance and use to work for MF support many many years ago! The cobol system is in-house for my client though used at many sites. Like yours there's a 30 year history! We switched to dialog a decade or so ago and I didn't have time to work out how to do everything plus OO was new to me. Currently doing a big redevelopment and i wanted to rationalise. I'm using the latest visual studio and visual cobol in windows. The debug facilities are really good but really hindered by complex dialog with events flying off all over the place (you know what i mean i'm sure). Ideally we'll move away from dialog but meanwhile i just want to get control over it all from programs. In an ideal world I'd have absolute minimum dialog code itself. Also I hate doing things by rote and so really wanted to understand how it all works behind the scenes e.g. with dialog listview objects and the like, so that i can properly centralise db/dialog-interface/error-trapping etc rather than have it hard-coded all over the place as tends to be the result of thirty years of development!
    Getting the dialog into the progs is the last piece of the gaining-control jigsaw for now. I'm also switching from MF files to MySQL so again have better control over the data. MF indexed files are superfast but like dialog, a mare to debug.
    All the best to you anyway,