Visual Cobol - Dialog System - compataddpack_232


i'm getting an error when installing the compataddpack_232.msi (update 2) on a Windows 7 - 64 bit professional system.

When installing the Micro Focus Compatibility AddPack for Visual Cobol Setup following error shows up:

Error: Missing INSTALLDIR


First i try to install it on a "clean machine" no Micro Focus software is installed before, i started which the compataddpack_232.msi


Second i tried to install compataddpack_230.msi which succeeded.

Then i tried to install compataddpack_231.msi (update 1) which also succeeded.

Afterwards i tried to install compataddpack_232.msi (update 2) but no success - i get the same error as bevore when i try to install compataddpack_232.msi (update 2) directly on the clean machine. Even it uninstall the successfully installed compataddpack_231.msi (update 1) and deletes all the directories which have been created.

I also redownloaded the compataddpack_232.msi (update 2) from the micro focus website to make sure the download is not corrupted and tried all the above which the freshly downloaded compataddpack_232.msi but the behavior and the error are still the same.

Does anyone have a clue what the problem can be?

Thanks for your help.

Regards Frank.

  • You need to have version 2.3.2 (that is, 2.3 update 2) of Visual COBOL, Enterprise Developer, or COBOL Server installed before you install version 2.3.2 of the Compatibility Addpack. It's an add-on for the 2.3.2 COBOL products, not a standalone product.
  • Thanks for your fast reply.
    So for Visual Cobol 3.0 there wont be a possibility to use dialog system anymore?
    Because also when i try first to install Visual Cobol 3.0 and afterwards install the compataddpack_232.msi i get the same error. For Visual Cobol 3.0 i couldn't find an adequate dialog system version on the Micro Focus website.
    Will maybee Visual Cobol 3.0 and compataddpack_231.msi word together?
  • compataddpack_231 is for Visual COBOL 2.3 Update 1. Addpacks are for specific product releases; you can't use them with different products.

    I don't know the status of Dialog System for Visual COBOL 3.0 offhand, though I thought there was an addpack for it. Your Micro Focus sales representative or Customer Care would be in a better position to answer that.
  • Verified Answer

    Quite the opposite - from Visual COBOL 3.0, the Dialog System functionality is included in the standard product. It continues to be supported for backward compatibility and not recommended for new development, but will no longer require installation of a separate AddPack.