Advice pls re. Visual Studio very slow (updating/parsing?)

Hi all,

I'm just interested to know if others have this issue.  I'm using VS2015 in Windows 10 but had same problem with earlier versions.

VS starts updating (I assume that's what it's doing) without warning while I'm working and prevents me working. Initially i think there's a problem and perhaps end up re-booting.  The update can go on for hours and at no point does it actually indicate it is running updates. It's really infuriating.

Any advice?  My laptop is not the fastest but it's not a slow machine.

Another possibility is this is caused by issues with the continuous background MF COBOL parsing.  Is that likely?  Can it be turned off?

Many thanks,


  • Hi Linden,

    You haven't mentioned which version of Visual COBOL you are using and whether you have installed the available patch updates. If you could add that to this discussion it would be helpful.

    Is there a particular sequence of actions that causes the problem you are seeing, or a specific piece of code that you are working on that will cause the problem to occur ?

    When Visual Studio has got into the unresponsive state it may be useful to go to the Task Manager, select the devenv.exe process that is no longer responding and select 'Create Dump file'. That will create a memory dump of the Visual Studio process that can then be debugged to show what is running that should give an idea as to where the problem could be.

    To answer you question, yes, it is possible to turn off the background parsing, though it is not recommended as it will disable much of the product's functionality. But to do it you go to the Tools Menu, select Options then expand the Text Editor options, then Micro Focus COBOL, Advanced and you can set the Enable background syntax checking option to false.