Trial activation

hello, I have been trying to install Visual COBOL for eclipse for Windows (Personal edition) and i can't activate the product. I am using the same email I used for registration and I am still getting the Activation Failed. It seems that i need an authorization code to continue. Can someone help me ?

  • I am a bit confused. You state that you are trying to install Visual COBOL for Eclipse PE but the screen shot that you show is of Visual Studio 2010. What do you get if you run VC Eclipse and license it that way?

    Can you please tell me what the name of the installer file that you downloaded is?

    Did you download it from the Personal Edition web site or as a 30 day Trial? The PE licensing is activated by clicking the option to License the free product version radio button but the 30-day Trial will have an authorization code appear after you click on the download link.

  • Hello, sorry for the confusion, i downloaded Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2010 from the PE web site. It says that this is an 365 days free trial. When i launch the Visual Cobol program that's what i get (screenshot).
  • You must have downloaded that PE version quite a long time ago as we no longer support Visual Studio 2010. The current VC PE product for Visual Studio is Visual COBOL 3.0 for VS 2017.

    You can download the latest PE version here:

    You will need to download the Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition from Microsoft if you don't have a fully licensed version of VS2017 installed.