Visual Cobol 2012 PE

Is it possible for me to redownload Visual Cobol Personal Edition for Visual Studios 2012? I got it a few days ago for my class, but I was having driver issues and went back from windows 10 to windows 8, now the page is no longer available when attempting to find it. I can find Visual Cobol for Visual Studios 2015,but nothing else.

  • You should be able to register for the download again on

    You should then receive a new download link for whichever version you select.

  • I have already done that. That is ONLY for visual studio 2015. So I downloaded Visual Studio 2015 and VCPE for it, but it has licensing issues and support just told me to go to the community and find out

  • When you requested VCVS 2015, did you not receive any licensing information?

  • Visual COBOL Personal Edition Download

    Dear (My Name),

    Thank you for registering for Visual COBOL Personal Edition.

    To download* and activate your product click the link below.

    Download Visual COBOL Personal Edition(Link to the download)

    It will take you to your personal Visual COBOL product download page. It has everything you need to get started. This link expires on 8 Dec 2015.

    Need help getting started? Check out the Visual COBOL Community.(Link to the wiki)

    Thanks and enjoy!

    Micro Focus Product Team

    *If you downloaded a copy of Visual COBOL Personal Edition from a website other than, this email is confirmation of your registration. Please follow the set-up steps within the product.

  • Hi Mbrooks,

    Did you click on the link and follow the steps? That is needed to receive the license information. Please make sure you use the same email address as when you requested the software. If you already did that and you are still having issues, please provide details on the steps you followed and in what point the process is failing.


  • Yes, otherwise I would not be able to download the program in the first place. I am using the same email.

    It's pretty simple. I open the program, attempt to use it by opening a COBOL program, or making one. It asks me to license the program. I can do it automatically be entering the email I used to download it, which does not work. Or I can do it manually by sending some funky looking email which does not work either. Support told me to go to Help> Micro Focus Product Help> Product Licensing. Does not work either.

  • Thank you for your reply. Can you please advise if you have recived either a 16 alphanumberic digit authorization code or a License string? Can you also please elaborate on the below:

    I can do it automatically be entering the email I used to download it, which does not work. What do you mean? Does it give you an error and if so what is it error?

    Or I can do it manually by sending some funky looking email which does not work either: Again what do you mean and can you please elaborate?



  • MBrooks, you have replied through an email to me the following attachments (minus ErrorWithLink)

    Alright, to start with, the link you posted gives me an error. I went ahead and posted a screenshot of that too(ErrorWithLink.png). To start, I open my start menu and click Visual Cobol 2015. If you have noticed that I have two versions of visual studios and visual cobol, they are separate ones for 2012 and 2015. I am having the same problem with both of them, but I want to focus on 2015. After that, I arrive at the visual studios start page and click my cobol project. It then asks me to activate, which I have attempted to do automatically and manually. Neither have worked.

    I have also attached a screenshot of the help menu. I saw the buy option and nearly considered attempting that, but based on all of the other licensing issues, I was worried it wouldn't work.

  • MBrooks,

    We show that you have requested and activated a single  PE copy of Visual COBOL on 18 Nov, 2015.  Do you remember activating this license on this date?

    Can you please provide a screen shot of Micro Focus License Manager > Summary tab:

    - Start > All Programs> Micro Focus License Manager > License Administrator

    (Please save it as .jpg as max file attachments are 64k)