Visual COBOL 2015 for MS Visual Studio // The Micro Focus CES daemon is not running.

I finally got a version of MS Visual Studio to show the Micro Focus VISUAL COBOL to show up.

I first tried to do Visual Studio 2017 but Chris Glazier was kind enough to point out VISUAL COBOL is not yet ready for Visual Studion 2017.

So I finally got Visual Studio 2015 up and running and can make a new project for C .  And I installed Visual COBOL 2015 and to my delight COBOL now shows up in the Projects option.


But I celebrated to soon.  When I went to make a COBOL project I got this error:

       The Micro Focus CES daemon is not running.  Please restart the service in order to work with Micro Focus Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2015.

And when I canceled out of that I got

       No license for this feature is available.  This may be because it has not been installed or it is expired.


background:  My PC is on WINDOWS 7 and is all updated.


  • Verified Answer


    If you go to the Control Panel and open the Services you should see Micro Focus CES daemon listed, which you can then start. I suspect that it may have been stopped during a previous uninstall. If it is not listed, go to Programs and Features and repair Micro Focus License Manager. That should install and start the service.

    Hope that helps,

  • Gael,
    I did get into Services and the Micro Focus CES daemon was not listed. So I did the repair as you directed and now I can bring up Visual Studio and then start a COBOL project. Thank you very much. This was the last (I hope) step in a very painful process.