Just want to make a simple procedural COBOL program, what template should I use?

I am guessing I should use Managed (might as well make the program be able to run under .NET as well as JVM) then after that I am not sure.  I suppose Console Application would be a fine but I am now wanting to do any interactive responses.  Just read in a file and take some of the data and spit out a new file.

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    Either a native Console or managed Console application would work for you. The difference is that the managed project will generate .NET assemblies and the native project will generate .obj code which is linked into a Windows .EXE file. Either project type will support standard procedural COBOL code and will be generated as a standalone main program.

    The library type templates generate .dlls either as .NET assemblies for managed or as dynamic link libraries for native. These are meant to be called as subprograms.

    There are actually two different types of managed code that can be generated by the compiler, .NET or JVM, They are not the same thing. The compiler can generate both by means of different compiler directives, i.e ILGEN for .NET or JVMGEN for Java byte code. If you are using the IDE's then Visual COBOL for Visual Studio supports .NET code while Visual COBOL for Eclipse is the product that supports the generation of Java byte code (JVM).