Visual COBOL Personal Edition - Windows 8 - how to Compile and then Run

I have been using Net Express 4.0 for many years and it is an excellent product

I want to be able to do the same with the new Personal Edition of Visual COBOL that I have on Win/8

I am at the stage where I can dbl-click a .cbl source code member and Vis CBL starts up and I can edit

But I cannot see how to compile and then to run

In Net Express 4.0 the red check mark compiles the current source code and creates a .int member if the compile is clean

The I can set to run that program through 'Activate/Settings' and then click the running man in black and the program runs

These are steps I cannot find how to do with Visual Cobol P/Edit

Can someone please give me a starter on this

Once I can run a simple batch style program under VC P/Edit I can then delve into the manuals and get it to talk to the screen, etc



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    Hi Paul,

    Try this first of all:

    Start up Visual Studio.

    File -> New Project

    Choose the native console application project template:

    Add a DISPLAY "hello world"

    Use the build menu and then debug menu to run the application.

    Once you have this working, delete the existing program1.cbl  from your project and add your exisitng source files by right clicking the project and selecting Add Existing Item.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • Hi Scot

    Thanks for those simple instructions

    I followed them and I had success

    I am now starting to understand the 'BUILD' process and the 'DEBUG' process

    And the Add Existing Item was also key information

    I tried a simple program:


                 PROGRAM-ID.    BEEPER.


                *> 29 September 2014       BY PAUL RAWNSLEY


                *> Test BEEP function


                 ENVIRONMENT DIVISION.


                 INPUT-OUTPUT SECTION.


                 DATA DIVISION.

                 FILE SECTION.


                 77  WS-END-MESSAGE PIC X(013) VALUE 'PROGRAM ENDED'.

                 PROCEDURE DIVISION.

                     DISPLAY WS-END-MESSAGE WITH BELL.

                     DISPLAY WS-END-MESSAGE WITH BEEP.

                     EXIT PROGRAM.

                *>END OF PROGRAM BEEPER.

    It worked after I used the Add Existing Item function

    Without taking that step, something runs but it's not the intended program

    After I had followed all your steps correctly it is all working fine

    Thanks very much