Oracle Pro*COBOL (COBSQL) missing from ESQL options in Visual Studio

I am using Visual COBOL 2.2 under VS 2012.

The MF manual says that on the SQL tab of Project Properties I should see "Oracle Pro*COBOL (COBSQL)" as an option. That option is missing from the drop down list. Pro*COBOL was installed after Visual COBOL.

How can I get Pro*COBOL onto the list in the drop down?



  • Verified Answer

    Are you looking at the on-line docs on our web site or the local docs within the product help?

    If you are looking on-line then they will be the docs for the 2.3 product. If you look under Welcome-->New features you will see that the Cobsql integration was added to the SQL properties age starting with V2.3.

    If you are using 2.2 you will not have this feature and will have to upgrade to 2.3.