Net Express/Visual Cobol

 I have a client that has a current system in production with Net Express.  We have converted their code to visual cobol, but they want to have both Net Express and Visual Cobol license on the same server for testing.  I this possible to do.

  • Its possible to install and license Net Express and Visual COBOL on the same machine. They use different license systems, so once you have installed Visual COBOL you just need to install a new SafeNet license on that machine to enable the product.
  • Verified Answer

    As Stephen mentioned, technically this is not a problem to have both licenses installed. It may be an issue legally however if you or your customer has upgraded from Net Express to Visual COBOL. If you have upgraded your Net Express/Server licenses to Visual COBOL/COBOL Server then legally you are not allowed to use the Net Express license anymore. During the transition period from old product to new your Account Manager would normally approve a limited time license for both products for testing purposes before the older product must be uninstalled.

    You should contact your Account Manager for details on this...