The garbled character of Visual COBOL for Eclipse

My IDE has a problem of garbled character . My os is Japanese Windows XP.

How can I resolve this problem?

Thank you.

  • In the image the following part is garbled. The other part of Japanese is correct.

    COBCH0803S 00400:險伜捷"PROCEDURE_DIVISION"縺瑚ヲ九▽縺九j縺セ縺励◆縲・谺。縺ョ縺・■縺ョ1縺、縺悟・繧九→縺・

    COB000400S:險伜捷"PROCEDURE_DIVISION"縺瑚ヲ九▽縺九j縺セ縺励◆縲�谺。縺ョ縺�■縺ョ1縺、縺悟�繧九→縺�   : "C:\Documents and Settings\admin\workspace\SampleMain\tci\dbconnect.pco"(1,7,7)

    COB* CSQLS-F-026: 螻暮幕縺輔l縺溘た繝シ繧ケ縺碁�荳ュ縺ァ邨ゆコ�@縺ヲ縺励∪縺�∪縺励◆縲ゅメ繧ァ繝�け��  : "C:\Documents and Settings\admin\workspace\SampleMain\tci\dbconnect.pco"(48,20,20)

  • Verified Answer

    It appears that this may be a known problem with the checker, that will be fixed in an upcoming release of Visual COBOL.

    You should contact your local Customer Care office and log an incident for this so that we can provide you with a fix when it becomes available.


  • Hi Chris,

    We have a local company who reports the same issue. So I'm wondering when the fix will be available. Is it included in HF7?

  • The fix is currently only slated for inclusion in Visual COBOL 2.2 which is not due out until later this year.

    If you require this in a hotfix then you should open up a support incident with Customer Care and request this.

    You can reference RPI #594262.