Micro Focus data tools add-pack

I'm using the personal edition of Visual COBOL for Eclipse. Is this edition eligible for Micro Focus data tools add-pack? If so, how do I get it? Recently I attempted to register at supportline.microfocus.com/ so that I could get the data tools add-pack and the error message I received was, "A customer attempted to register on the Micro Focus SupportLine website but we were unable to complete their registration automatically because the customer didn't know the exact company name or serial number." I'm just someone trying to learn COBOL at home and on my own time. I don't work for or represent a company that uses COBOL. If the personal edition is eligible for the data tools add-pack I would like to get it. Please respond.

  • Verified Answer

    From VC 2.3 onward there is no Data Files Tool Addpack.

    The Data Files Tools Addpack was incorporated directly into the standard Visual COBOL product installer as of V2.3 GA so you should already have this feature as part of the current VC Eclipse PE product. If you open up the Micro Focus Visual COBOL start menu group you should see a folder for Data Tools from which you can launch the Data File Editor.