Problems with XML Extension in JVM.

I got an issue with Visual Cobol in Eclipse and the XML Extension:

When I compile the program I always get an error that MicroFocus.COBOL.XmlExtensions.MicroFocusCOBOLXmlExtensions can't be found:

Description Resource Path Location Type Program
COBCH0845S Unknown type 'type MicroFocus.COBOL.XmlExtensions.MicroFocusCOBOLXmlExtensions' Program1.cbl /JVM_Project_Test/src line 338 COBOL Problem

I tried it in the Visual Studio version aswell, it worked like a charm after adding the references to the project.

So I got the same issue here, but I don't know how I should add the libraries or where I can find them.
If I search the installation directory I only find the .dll extensions but I guess they have to be .jar for eclipse.

I am using Visual COBOL for Eclipse 2.2 Version: 2.2.00244.

Thanks for your help.