Cannot uninstall visual cobol 2017

Please see logfile

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  • This what i found:

    Cache\13878A2A80E0CFE60A5AC97A3A35E19FA3CBD595\MFVSIXInstall.exe" -u -q'

    [1B10:25F8][2019-07-03T12:52:15]e000: Error 0x80004003: Process returned
    error: 0x80004003

    [1B10:25F8][2019-07-03T12:52:15]e000: Error 0x80004003: Failed to execute
    EXE package.

    [2980:2450][2019-07-03T12:52:15]e000: Error 0x80004003: Failed to configure
    per-machine EXE package.

    [2980:2450][2019-07-03T12:52:15]i319: Applied execute package:
    MFVSIXINSTALL, result: 0x80004003, restart: None

    [2980:2450][2019-07-03T12:52:15]e000: Error 0x80004003: Failed to execute
    EXE package.

    [2980:2450][2019-07-03T12:52:15]i399: Apply complete, result: 0x80004003,
    restart: None, ba requested restart: No

  • Hi.

    Is it possible to attach the file C:\Users\Weaver\AppData\Local\Temp\Micro_Focus_Visual_COBOL_for_Visual_Studio_2017_20190703125202_0_MFVSIXINSTALL.log

    as the cut down output does not show everything that happened.