Wpf Datagrid read thru

Have a datagrid that I built and would like to read thru the entire grid after its populated to print all the data on a report.

             <DataGrid x:Name="dataGrid1"
                  <DataGridTextColumn MinWidth="50" Binding="{Binding Path=Vs_Vnd, Mode=TwoWay}" Header= "Vendor" />
                  <!--Ap Name-->
                  <DataGridTextColumn MinWidth="100" Binding="{Binding Path=AP_Name, Mode=OneWay}" Header= "Name"/>
                  <!--Sku #-->
                  <DataGridTextColumn MinWidth="140" Binding="{Binding Path=Vs_Sku, Mode=TwoWay}" Header= "Sku#"/>
                  <!--Lt Product Code -->
                  <DataGridTextColumn MinWidth="70" Binding="{Binding Path=Vs_Pc_Lin, Mode=OneWay}" Header= "Lt Product Code"/>
                  <DataGridTextColumn MinWidth="400" Binding="{Binding Vs_Desc, Mode=OneWay}" Header= "Description"/>
                  <DataGridTextColumn MinWidth="50" Binding="{Binding Vs_Edm_Count, Mode=OneWay}" Header= "Rcvd"/>
                  <!--Product Type-->
                  <DataGridTextColumn MinWidth="40" Binding="{Binding Vs_Product_Type, Mode=TwoWay}" Header= "Type"/>
                  <DataGridTextColumn MinWidth="120" Binding="{Binding Vs_Descriptor1, Mode=TwoWay}" Header= "Descriptor1"/>


I use this routine to read thru after I have highlight some records, but unsure how to read the datagrid from top to bottom.

           set Ws-Count to DataGrid1::SelectedItems::Count
           if DataGrid1::SelectedItems::Count > 0
              perform varying selectedRow as type myRow thru DataGrid1::SelectedItems
                 set Ws-Sku-Number            to selectedRow::Vs_Sku   
                 set Ws-Vendor-Number       to type System.Convert::ToInt32(selectedRow::Vs_Vnd)
                 set ws-ap-name                  to selectedRow::AP_Name
                 set currentItemText01 to type System.Convert::ToInt32(selectedRow::Vs_Vnd)
                 set currentItemText02 to selectedRow::AP_Name
                 set currentItemText03 to selectedRow::Vs_Sku
                 set currentItemText04 to selectedRow::Vs_Desc
                 set currentItemText05 to selectedRow::Vs_Edm_Count
                 set LUMBR to new PurchasingPortal.Window11
                 set LUMBR::TextBlock1::Text to currentItemText01    *> Vendor #
                 set LUMBR::TextBlock2::Text to currentItemText02    *> Vendor Name
                 set LUMBR::TextBlock3::Text to currentItemText03    *> Sku #
                 set LUMBR::TextBlock4::Text to currentItemText04    *> Decsription
                 set LUMBR::TextBlock5::Text to currentItemText05    *> # Times
                 INVOKE LUMBR::ShowDialog()




       class-id myRow.
       working-storage section.
       01 Vs_Vnd           decimal property.
       01 AP_Name          string property.
       01 Vs_Sku           string property.
       01 Vs_Product_Type  string property.
       01 Vs_Pc_Lin        string property.
       01 Vs_Desc          string property.
       01 Vs_Descriptor1   string property.
       01 Vs_Edm_Count     decimal property.
       01 Vs_Desc_Chg_Dt   string property.
       01 Vs_Desc_Chg_By   string property.


  • Hi Mark
    You write that you want to print the entire grid but your code looks like you want to display a dialog. The code looks like the example I sent you in march this year. I have the solution still on my system. How can I help you?
    Freundliche Grüsse
    Werner Lanter
  • Enhancement of my example for getting all rows:
    method-id buttonAll_Click.
    procedure division using by value sender as object e as type System.Windows.RoutedEventArgs.
    invoke listBox1::Items::Clear

    declare selectedRow as type myRow
    declare i1 as binary-long
    perform varying i1 from 0 by 1 until i1 >= dataGrid1::Items::Count
    set selectedRow to dataGrid1::Items::GetItemAt(i1) as type myRow *> gets all rows in display order
    invoke listBox1::Items::Add(selectedRow::Vs_Vnd::ToString & " " & selectedRow::Vs_Desc)

    end method.
    Freundliche Grüsse
    Werner Lanter