Simple convert to cobol

How would you convert this to cobol.


ReportParameter p1 = new ReportParameter("param1", _p1);
ReportViewer1.LocalReport.SetParameters(new ReportParameter[] { p1 });
  • Off the top of my head:

    declare p1 = new ReportParameter("param1", _p1)
    invoke ReportViewer1::LocalReport::SetParameters( table of ReportParameter (p1) )

    I can't swear to that - it's still early in the morning for me and I drove 1300 miles over the weekend, so I may not be at my best. Also, I assume we're talking about a recent version of COBOL for .NET. (Please include product, version, and platform information in every question.)

  • It would look something like the following:

          $set ilusing"Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms"
               declare p1 as type ReportParameter = new ReportParameter("param1", _p1)
               invoke ReportViewer1::LocalReport::SetParameters(table of type ReportParameter(p1))