Issue with building project in trial version of Visual COBOL 2010

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 22 March 2011]

Downloaded trial version (not sure that everything was done correctly).
Under Start/Programs/Micro Focus Visual COBOL 2010/ have three icons: 1)Visual COBOL Data Connections;
2)Visual Data Tools; 3)Visual COBOL for Eclipse
Opened Visual COBOL for Eclipce. Followed the directions how to create project.
On building the project receive following error messages:

[cobol] Compiling FILEAID1.cbl...
[cobol] * Invalid filename
[cobol] Unable to open response file
[cobol] Compilation complete with 0 errors, 0 warnings, 0 notices and an exit code of 538,976,288
[cobollink] Linking FileAid1.exe...
[cobollink] Micro Focus COBOL - CBLLINK utility
[cobollink] Version Copyright (C) 1984-2010 Micro Focus (IP) Limited.
[cobollink] ERROR: (1) Cannot open file : FILEAID1.obj
[cobollink] ERROR: (6) No public symbols found. No object file generated
[cobollink] Link complete with errors

Build finished with 1 errors, 0 warnings, 0 notices and a maximum exit code of 538,976,288

C:\@D_Drive\Visual_2010\FileAid1\.cobolBuild:189: Build errors have occurred

Total time: 2 seconds

Nor .exe Nor .obj files are not created during the packaging. Tried to check compiler directives but cannot find where they are specified. Tried to add LITLINK (and some other) in Project/Property/Micro Focus COBOL/Build Configuration/ - did not help.
Tried to reload the trial version - received message that reached allowed number on downloads.
Please advice how I can correct this issue and proceed.
Please advice also if I receive correct icons after download or should be something else?

Thank you
  • Verified Answer

    The 3 icons that you mention are the only three that will be installed for Visual COBOL Eclipse.

    To ensure that the product is setup correctly, try creating a new Project by selecting File->New-COBOL Project from the IDE meny and then providing a name like testproject.

    Then right-click on the project name in Navigator and select New->COBOL Program and accept the defaults by pressing the Finish button.

    Edit Program1.cbl to add a display statement in the procedure division before the goback statement like:

    display "hello"

    Click the save icon on the toolbar.

    Does it build OK?

    The error that you are receiving is invalid filename.
    Does this file exist in the project folder on disk?