License Error

[Migrated content. Thread originally posted on 14 March 2011]

I just intalled the trial of Visual Cobol R3 on my computer for runing some tests and I get this error on Visual Studio:

"SolarVisualStudio2010: Error[18]: No license code is available for feature SolarVisualStudio2010 on host"

I also tried on Eclipse, and I'm getting this error:

"Unable to obtain a license. Your evalution period may have expied"

But, I've never used this trial license before.

Anyone with the same problem? Any thoughts?

  • Verified Answer

    Hi Wlad
    This means that the trial licenses installed as part of the install process are invalid for some reason.
    Some hints that may help
    1 ) messing with the system clock will invalidate trial licenses. If you have done this , let me know .
    2 ) The install process could not install the licenses correctly due to file permissions etc.

    The best way to resolve this sort of issue is through customer support . Please give them a ring.