Trigger Online from batch and vice versa


We have a set of CL programs running in AS400 systems that trigger online transactions/programs(using STRCICSUSR command) from batch programs. And another set of online programs which trigger batch programs using SBMJOB commands.

We have to re-engineer these programs to make them run in MicroFocus environment. Can someone provide some insights on how this can be achieved in MicroFocus? 

  • When asking questions, please specify the product, version, and platform.

    Also, it's "Micro Focus". Two words.

    You mention CICS on the AS/400 (now System i). Are you using Micro Focus Enterprise Server? With or without the Mainframe Subsystem (MSS) option?

    Under Enterprise Server with MSS, you can start CICS transactions from a non-CICS environment, such as a standalone program, a COBOL web service, or a batch (JCL) job, using the EXCI facility. See the product documentation for more details.

    A CICS program can start a JCL batch job by writing to the internal reader or using SSTM. A non-CICS program can submit a JCL batch job by calling the CASSUB API, or executing the cassub command-line program.

    If you're referring to non-JCL batch programs, then the answer would depend on what mechanism executes your batch programs.