VCVS2017, Visual Cobol A Developer's Guide

 I have been going through the book and doing all of the examples. Everything went fine until I got to Ch10.  I had a problem where I could not double click to generate the button click code, so I thought maybe my files got corrupted and downloaded Ch10 again. However, when I did, I was not able to locate  the AgencyControl.dll file(this is the file that builds the fields for the New Lease form). Is it possible to get another copy of Ch10 with the required dll in it?


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    The AgencyControls.dll is built by the AgencyControls project, which is included in the Lettings-UI-Worked and Lettings-UI-Complete versions of the example. If you either rebuild that individual project, or Rebuild Solution, you should get another copy. We don't include any binary files in the downloaded examples. I hope that helps you get started again. 

  • Paul ,

    Thanks for the quick response. Your instructions worked just fine and I was able to continue Ch10. However, when I try to build the project to run it I get two errors: Error COBCH0857 System error - failure during ILASM phase WindowsLeases C:\VCVS2017\VCADG\ch10\Lettings-UI-Worked\WindowsLeases\TenantView.Designer.cbl 149
    Error None Failed to open managed resource file 'WindowsLeases.New Lease.resources' COBOL
  • It sounds like something has gone wrong somewhere. Does the Lettings-UI-Complete example build and run OK? If so, it might be worth using something like Winmerge or Meld ( to compare the source and project files between the the WindowsLeases folders in the Complete and Worked versions of the solution. Let me know what you find.