Conversion Net Express 5.1 to Visual COBOL for Eclipse on a Windows Server 2008

My company go over from Windows Server 2008 to Windows Server 2012.
Now I work with Net Express 5.1.

I have some questions :
- Is it possible to covert to Visual COBOL for Eclipse on a Windows server 2008 ?
- Are there "surprises" to be expected when converting to Visual Cobol take place ?
- Is it possible to use/run Net Express 5.1 Runtime at the same time with Visual COBOL runtime in Acceptance test and Production

  • Verified Answer

    Visual COBOL for Eclipse will run under Windows Server 2008R2 or higher. There is an import wizard that will convert your current Net Express projects into Visual COBOL projects.

    The number of "surprises" that you run into completely depends on what your application is actually doing but for the most part it is a painless process.

    You should check out the Welcome section of the Visual COBOL Eclipse documentation and in particular the section on Upgrading from Net Express

    The Net Express and Visual COBOL products can be installed simultaneously but you have to be careful with your system PATH because they do share common filenames in many instances.

    You will have to check with your Account Manager about getting a license to run both Net Express and Visual COBOL side-by-side but we normally have a flex period where you can use both during the system upgrade conversion process.


  • Indeed, this answer will help me in the preparation of the conversion