Sqlcode 1403/1405


I use VisualCobol with a ado.net connection to oracle.  In my programs the test of end of fetch is 1403 but ado.net returns 100  How can I the sql mode to oracle?  Now i must change the test from 1403 to 100

Kind regards

Arno Noomen

  • Hi Arno,

    Beginning with Visual COBOL V2.3 we added the directive SQL(PROCOB) for programs compiled to managed code using DBMAN=ADO. This will provide better compatibility with applications that used to run with Oracles Pro*COBOL precompiler.

    Setting SQL(PROCOB) now also sets SQL(CHECKSINGLETON). When SQL(PROCOB) is set, OpenESQL error codes in the SQLCA are converted to Pro*COBOL-compatible error codes, which are controlled by a new file, mfpcocds.txt. This file is delivered in %ProgramData%\Micro Focus\SQLCODES by default.

    Please see the full documentation for the PROCOB directive here: