Unable to activate Visual COBOL Personal Edition for Visual studi0 2017

Hi all,

I am experiencing the following problem :

I downloaded and installed Visual Cobol PE for Visual Studio 2017, but I can't activate it.
When I select "I want to activate the free product" with my e-mail address (xrousaios@yahoo.gr), I am receiving the following message :
"The activation of Micro Focus Visual Cobol personal edition failed. This was because we didn't recognize the email address you endered as having been previously registered with us.".

But, when I am visiting the registration page, I couldn't see or find any registration procedure.

So, I used the MANUAL activation process, using the "Send Email/Display Fields" sequence and, I sent an email according to the instructions.
However, the answer I received was the following :  

"The following error occurred during the authorization process
MG0106: Unable to authorize the request."

I tried it again later, but nothing happened. 

Well, I don't know what excactly can I do to solve this issue. 

Any help wll be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance