Q&A transcript from Visual COBOL webinar #6

Here is the transcript of the Q & A session from the recent Visual COBOL webinar: Deployment and licensing systems.

Q: Can you apply hot fixes to merge module (like merge module)? 
A: When Micro Focus provides a hotfix we’ll include an updated merge module that you can embed in your own MSI.

Q: Can we see a deployment using Eclipse? 
A: If deploying to Windows, then you can create an MSI but I don’t know if Eclipse has an extension to support MSI projects in the way Visual Studio does. We’ll look out for one and let you know but most of the MSI technologies provide command line tools that work can work outside of the IDE.
If you’re deploying to Unix, it’s just a case of creating a script for your installer and the Micro Focus installer, here’s an example:

./setup_visualcobol_devhub_2.1_redhat_x86_64 –silent –IacceptEULA –installlocation=”/home/apps/mf/vc_cobol_21”
mkdir –p /home/app/ivs/myapp2.0
   cd /home/app/ivs/myapp2.0
   tar xf $current/my_app.tar
   sh ./my_app_install.sh
   cd $current

Q: Do I need environment variables for the user runtime or will the registry still be used? 
A: On Unix, if you install into the default product location, there is no need to set any environment variables. Otherwise, use the cobsetenv script to set the environment before running your application. There is a similar batch file on Windows, createenv.bat, which does the same thing.

If your application is linked with dynamic binding to the run-time system, the runtime system will be found automatically using the registry.
If your application is not linked with dynamic binding, set the PATH on the end-users' machines to point to COBOL Server, using the following command:

path = app-server-dir;%PATH%
where r:\app-server-dir is the directory where COBOL Server is installed. If you specify a directory containing spaces, you must use quotes ("") to delimit the data values. For example: 

path = "r:\application directory";%PATH%

Q: I wish to install the runtime on a networked drive for users to access from their local PC. Where are the runtime licenses installed? On the network drive or on each user’s PC that needs to run the application? 
A: You can choose to install the licenses locally or on the network server. If a network server, you must ensure the local machine that runs the COBOL program is configured to obtain a license from the network license server. Please see the recording for details on doing this.
Further details here.

Q: Is it possible to integrate the deployments via a Team Foundation Server 2010 deployment process to integrate Visual COBOL applications with other visual studio (i.e. C#) applications into a single deployment?
A: Yes. Several customers use TFS with Visual COBOL.

Q: Can you clarify a testing environment where one might build a vm and install the runtime - does this support a 30 demo license? 
A: We supply a separate testing license for developers but there are other arrangements for QA staff – please contact your account manager for more details.