convert .int executables to .out format.

I have a set out .cbl files and migrating the system from Solaris to Linux. The executable which were used earlier were in .out format and called through a shell script. I have been trying to compile the the .cbl files using Visual COBOL for Studio. After compiling the executable created, have extension as .int. I would like to know how to convert them to .out so that I don't need to change anything in the script.

  • I am not exactly sure to what you are referring by .out format unless you mean a.out which was an object code format used on old Unix based systems. The Visual COBOL compiler is capable of producing the following types of object code and executable formats.

    1. .int or .gnt: Micro Focus proprietary formats for intermediate and generated native code respectively.
    2. .obj (Windows) or .o (Linux) that can be linked as native executables (.exe,.dll, .so)
    3. .exe/.dll .NET assemblies
    4. .class: JVM byte code

    If you wish to run your code under Linux then you should not be using the Visual COBOL for Visual Studio product as this is for Windows. You should be using the Visual COBOL for Eclipse product installed on Linux or the Visual COBOL for Eclipse product installed on Windows in conjunction with the Visual COBOL DevHub product installed on Linux.

    What product were you using on Solaris, Server Express?
  • Thank you for the reply Chris. Yes on Solaris Server Express is being used.
    .o format should work for us since we are moving to Linux environment. Is there any process documentation present which can be referred to for compiling the .cbl files and creating executable.
  • The first step would be to get the correct product for your needs. For this you should contact your Micro Focus Account Manager.

    Documentation on compiling and linking can be found in the on-line docs here:

    If you are creating an Eclipse project to hold your sources you would need to set this up either as a remote project using DevHub or directly on the Linux machine if you installed Eclipse there.

    If you are compiling and linking from the command line using a script in Server Express then you should be able to use the same or similar script for Visual COBOL under Linux. See commands here:

    There are a number of videos that can help to get you acquainted with the Visual COBOL product:

    Please see the Playlist here:

    The last one in the playlist explores the move from Server Express to Visual COBOL.

    You should contact your Account Manager if you would like someone to talk to you about the scenarios available.