Visual Cobol & Mobile


I have no idea how to create a package of the Airport demo application for mobile

and how I can deploy the application on a mobile phone (what files etc...)

The mobile step-by-step presentation doesn't talk about packaging

Any suggestion?

Many thankx

Any suggestion?

  • Verified Answer

    The Airport Demo is a web application that runs under a Web Server such as IIS or Apache. It doesn't actually run directly on the Mobile device but it is accessible on the Mobile device thru a Browser such as Safari.

    In order to access this the web server must be addressable via URL through the internet.

    For demos' we have created a VM on Microsoft's Azure Cloud and then installed the COBOL Server product on it. We then copied the binaries from the application to a virtual folder under IIS and setup IIS to be able to access this. Since the VM thru Azure is addressable on the internet you can run the application on your phone by navigating to the machine name and URL for the application.