Binding to a Data Source when designing a Windows Form.

 I cannot see a way to do this in Visual Cobol 4.0 ( ie select fields from a database to bind to a text box or datagrid etc.  in a Form.) I know I can do this with code (I found several examples in the Knowledge Base). Is this facility supported in Form Design?. If not are there any plans to do so?. The majority of my work involves database processing via Windows or Web Forms and to have to program this for every form would be a lot of  repetitive work.

Thanks for the help



  • This type of tooling to automate the binding between controls on a Windows Form and a DataSource has not been implemented for Visual COBOL in Visual Studio. The binding task is a manual one.

    For C# projects you can do this by opening up a DataSource window in Visual Studio and then importing the desired tables into your project. You can then drag and drop the columns onto your forms and create the binding automatically.

    I am not really sure if we have plans to implement this support within the Visual COBOL projects.