Is DevHub a different download from general visual cobol for eclipse product

I have recently downloaded Visual COBOL for Eclipse for SUSE 12.

While going through some of the installation video they said that I can install DevHub product on Linux and Visual Cobol product on my windows and can connect it remotely and work on it. Can somebody please tell me if DevHub is a separate download from Visual COBOL and if yes, then where to download it from. Can someone please provide the link.

  • Visual COBOL DevHub is a completely different product than Visual COBOL Eclipse and you would have to order this through sales separately. The DevHub product is used to do remote development where the source programs and executables would reside and run on a Linux/Unix system and the Visual COBOL for Eclipse IDE would be running under Windows and the two would be used together.

    If you are installing the Visual COBOL Eclipse product directly on your SUSE 12 system then you would have no real use for DevHub as your development environment is already running on Linux.