I'd like to submit some articles for the Wiki but the Wiki pages on the site seem to be gone?

My questions are:

- Have they gone for good?

- How would I go about submitting articles for the Wiki?

  • Hi Mark,

    In fact the wikis are still there but only via search which means you need to search for a subject that interest you using the community site search text box and then you should select the Wikis filter on the right of the web page that is displaying the results

    Best regards.

  • Why are they only there via the SEARCH option?

    Surely its better to see ALL that are available so that someone new to Visual COBOL can see, at a glance, what the WIKIS cover or don't?

    Who thought of that idea to hide them from view without any instruction as to HOW to see them?

    How can I submit a Wiki if I can't see all thats currently up there?

  • Hi Mark,

    Since we migrated over our Knowledge Base we have had to remove the table of contents due to the high number of articles. However, as of Wednesday the new table of contents will be added to the site. This will enable you to browse articles if you wish.

    At the moment we don’t have the Community set up for customers to create blog posts or wiki articles. As our Community evolves we could look into the idea of opening up the Community even further than it is now.

    From Wednesday you will be able to browse the table of contents to see if your topic is included in the Visual COBOL wiki. If not, please leave a forum post detailing what you would like to see or the content you would like included and we will look to get this article created.



  • Thanks Jon,

    We've been doing a lot of 'conversion' from NET EXPRESS to Visual COBOL and have picked up an awful lot of stuff along the way in how things are done / can be done in VC.

    Would be happy to list what might be useful in the Wiki for a beginner to VC and can provide mini manuals in 'how to....' for readers benefit.

    Anyway will await to see whats there on Wed and then come back to this thread with a list of whats missing to see if you'd be interested in having me send over mini manuals for the stuff I list!