Visual COBOL 2.1 PE (Limited License) Install with Visual Studio 2012

I'm trying to install Visual Cobol using the "visualcobolvisualstudio21pe.exe" Visual Cobol Installer, in Windows 7, with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 installed.

The installer does NOT recognize Visual Studio 2012 and wants to instal VS 2010 elements.

Is there any way to circumvent this, so that the installer and the VC 2.1 package recognizes VS 2012?


  • We do currently have two separate products, Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2010 and Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2012 but only the Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2010 is currently available for download as a Personal Edition.

    This will most likely be changing in the near future but I will let Product Management comment about that.

    The PE product that you downloaded will not install into Visual Studio 2012 but will either install into a current Visual Studio 2010, if one exists, or will install the Visual Studio 2010 Shell if required and will install into that.

    If you require an evaluation copy of the Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2012 product then you should probably contact a Micro Focus Account Manager to set you up with this.


  • I'd love to, but the price for the full version is way too rich for this old retired code bum ... me!  So, I'll just hang around on the sidelines until the new Personal Edition is released ... hopefilly in the not-too-distant future.


  • Actually, we have made some changes in our latest version which is Visual COBOL 2.1 Update 1, so if you install the standard product delivery, without a license, it will default to being a Visual COBOL Personal Edition.

    This means that you should be able to download the Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2012 Trial version from here. 

    When you sign up for the evaluation it will send you an e-mail with a choice of two links on it, one for Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2010 and one for Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2012.

    If you download and install the Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2012 version and then do NOT install the evaluation serial number that you will also be e-mailed then it should automatically default to the PE version.

    According to Product Management we should actually have a Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2012 PE available on the Personal Edition download site by the end of May.


  • Thanks for the advice!  I downloaded V2.1 Update 1 and installed, as suggested.  However, when I went to use the product there was no way around the License Manager.  There I had two choices ... I could install the supplied license info and use the product for 30 days, or choose to install the "Free" version, either automatically via the internet and my registration info, or manually, via e-mail.  I tried both of the free choices and both reminded me that I had the wrong application, and to contact the MicroFocus forum ... and so on.

    So, I'll just continue to wait intil V2.1 U1 PE is upgraded ... hopefully by June ... Thanks again for trying!

  • Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2012 is now available from the following location: