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I have a project in VC 2.1 with 150 managed programs and adding to about 225 in the end.  I am running Windows 7 with intel i3 cpu at 2.53 gz 4 gb ram and 133 gb harddrive,  To load my solution takes at least 3 minutes and to build to full solution and debug take at least 15 minutes.  Of course as I add projects to the solution it gets slower.  The only thing running besides Visual studio is my outlook. Do I need a better PC or are there other tricks to speed this up?  

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    Hi kpeters,

    When you build a .NET project, all sources file are recompiled into a single assembly; everything gets rebuilt.

    For Visual COBOL 2.2, we will provide the ability to compile each program within a project into a separate assembly. This may help reduce the overall build time as only those files within the project that have changed will need to be recompiled.

    In the interim, you maybe able to reduce build times by breaking up your solution into multiple projects which would reduce the number of programs in each project and the time required to build it.

    Regards, Scot