Utils.LBR in Micro Focus and Visual COBOL

Hi Chris,

We are migrating the components from Micro Focus COBOL to Visual COBOL.

In some of the Micro Focus modules there is a Call statement "CALL Utils.LBR".

This Utils.LBR file is present in the MicroFocus Net Express 5.1' s Bin Folder. We think it is a Microfocus provided Library.

We are not sure of the Utils.LBR file, What is the purpose of it.

Now when we migrate those modules to Visual COBOL and try to execute them , At the Call Statement we are getting an Run-TIme Error, As it is not available in Visual COBOL's Bin folder, Instead there an an Utils.DLL present in the Visual COBOL's Bin folder.

When we comment the Utils.LBR call statement in the code , The Code is working fine and fetching the Data from Files and Passing it to C#.NET.

So the confusion is do we need the Utils.dll or Utils.Lbr file in Visual COBOL?

And if we need it then how to consume the utils.dll in Visual COBOL. (Through setting a PP pointer to Utils.Dll in the code and use it or anything else?)

Let me know if it is not clear.