Join Query

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In Embedded SQL we could write a Join SQL query and get the desired results from two or more table in one go.

But in ADO.Net , we create a dataset for two table and define a relation between them. And get the desired rows by using Parent and Children Relation in the Cursors. So i am writing two querys in case where i could fetch records using One single query.

Do we have any other way where i can implement Join query in simpler way in Visual COBOL ADO.Net.



  • Verified Answer

    If you are using the EXEC ADO DECLARE DATAROWS syntax to selected multiple rows from a dataset then this is the only way you can reference multiple related tables as a DATAROW is a collection of rows from a particular table.

    If instead of using an internal dataset you were selecting data from the actual database on disk then you can still use all of the EXEC SQL statements that allow joins, etc., even in a .NET program.