openESQL Assistant

I'm using VS 2015 with VC 2.3.  Trying to run openESQL Assistant and it prompts me to specify either MS Excel or Access.  When I check either box I receive the error "the operating system is not presently configured to run this application", I acknowledge the error by clicking OK and the VS 2015 program shuts down and restarts.  I cannot find anything on the web with this error. Need help!!

Would like to connect to MS Access, if anyone knows how or where I can find how to do this, that would help.

  • The OpenESQL Assistant requires that you create a named DSN which can either be a User or System DSN so that you can select the name from the list of available DSNs.

    It looks like you do not have the appropriate drivers installed on your system or you are using the wrong version of the ODBC Admin Tool.

    From the Start menu-->All Programs open up the Micro Focus Visual COBOL group and select Data Tools then Data Connections and open up the 32-bit version of the ODBC Administration tool. Click on System DSN tab and click Add. Do the drivers for Excel and Access show up on the drivers tab?

    If they do not then you will have to download and install the appropriate drivers from Microsoft.