DB2 in visual cobol

I have installed DB2 in visual cobol. Do you know which server I  can use when I create a database ?. Is it a download file from IBM or  Microfocus ?.

/Thanks Hans  

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    I do not understand the question.

    Visual COBOL provides access to DB2 databases using a number of different methods depending on your requirements.

    If you are creating a native application then you can use the DB2 External Compiler Module by setting the DB2 directive for your program. This also requires that you have the DB2 Application Development Client software installed and this is something that you get from IBM.

    You can also access DB2 by using an ODBC driver (from IBM) in a native program using the directrive SQL(DBMAN=ODBC).

    You can also access DB2 from a .NET managed program by using the DB2 ADO.NET Provider (from IBM) using the directive SQL(DBMAN=ADO).

    You can also access DB2 from a JVM managed program by using the DB2 JDBC driver (from IBM) using the directive SQL(DBMAN=JDBC).

    What type of application are you developing and what is it exactly that you are wishing to do?