Licensing Visual Cobol Personal Edition under Linux?

Trying out the Personal Edition looking to find the right COBOL to do a project with, but for the life of me, I cannot get the Linux version with eclipse to license. Anyone else succeeded with this and willing to share a tip or two to a very frustrated person? 

Also, the project involves a lot of CGI programs running on a single Linux box. I am open to the best and lowest cost options to do this. There are a half dozen maintenance programs that run either in a batch mode or as a green screen app. It doesn't matter if they run green screen or GUI to me, we can easily do either. It is mostly the extended ACCEPT we are looking for. (I said CGI, but these are mostly Ajax powered web programs, and actually they transmit XML with each transaction.) 

I have included the only information I can find about licensing it below, and that is not the 16 character license code the license manager is looking for. :) 



Serial NumberProductVersionPlatform
600000520170 Visual COBOL for Eclipse Personal Edition 2.1.Update 1 x86-64 running SuSE Linux ES 11/11 SP2 32/64 Bit
DescriptionLicense KeyLicense Expiration  Full
Visual COBOL for Eclipse for SUSE x86-64 License expires 1 year after activation